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Traditional beauty therapy is still very much loved at aesthetica and essentials such as manicures and pedicures using rich magnesium salts and creams, facial and body waxing using the finest Lycon resins, treatment packages for combined relaxation and grooming along with a very fussy approach to eyebrow couture are all on our menu.

Be it an elegant colour polish, newly sculpted brows or baby soft feet, you'll look and feel silky smooth, shiny and glamorous in next to no time with our professional treatments. Premium quality products, a steady hand and proven techniques ensure all those essential grooming matters are maintained perfectly month after month.

Eye Couture

Happy Hands and Healthy Feet

Eyebrow Sculpture                 20mins     26

with tint                                      25mins     36

General Eyebrow Shaping   15mins      24

with tint                                      20mins     34

Eyebrow Tint                            10mins     16

Eyelash Tint                             20mins      26

Brows & Lashes Tint               20mins     36

Trio                                             30mins     52

Manicures                                35mins        36

                                                    60mins        62

Pedicures                                30mins        52

                                                   60mins         90

                                                   90mins         102

DOUBLE EXPRESSO! Your choice of any two services less 10%

Body Bar


Scrumptious Scrub                 45mins         95 

(Invigorating body exfoliation = shower)   

Silk Body Treatment               75mins        115

(Scrumptious scrub + shower + light massage)


Body Bliss                                105mins      165

(Scrumptious scrub + shower + relaxation full body massage)


Relaxation Massage             30mins         60

Relaxation Massage             60mins         88

Groomed Goddess               165mins                195

A palette of express treatments dedicated to detail for the well groomed woman - hands, feet, facial waxing & tinting, & a Target Facial Treatment

Secret Women’s Business 120mins                169

Grooming and relaxation including a foot bath, back and shoulder massage & a Full Service Facial

aesthetica Retreat                  180mins                  220

this is a Secret Women's Business Package plus a luxurious clinical conditioning treatment and a cleansing shampoo and blow dry or styled finish (available Tues-Friday only)

Hair Removal - Waxing

Hair Removal - Permanent Hair Reduction

While VPL is our preferred means of hair reduction, due to the long term results that can be achieved, we also offer the full spectrum of traditional waxing, including strip and hot wax, for men and women who prefer this form of hair removal. 

We use only quality Lycon waxes with the correct pre and post products.

Upper Lip                                                      15

Chin                                                               15

Underarm                                                      22 

1/2 arm / full arm                                          29/39  

Basic   (FREE with a full leg wax)                 30 

*G-string                                                        42

*Brazilian                                                      65 

*Complete                                                    60

*less 25% when you combine with a a full or top leg wax


*½ leg top (includes basic bikini)                   46

*less 15% when you combine with a g-string/brazilian or complete wax

½ leg bottom (incl. feet)                                39

¾ leg (to mid thigh)                                        50

Full leg female  (incl. basic bikini)              67

Male Back only /incl shoulders                48/60

Teen ½ leg                                                   33

Teen ¾ leg                                                   42

Teen full leg   (incl. basic bikini)                 50

Spot wax                                                        7

aesthetica also employs internationally recognised VPL techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to achieve amazing results in permanent hair reduction. The process includes a series of short, safe and non-invasive bursts of light onto a specific area. 

VPL is a highly controlled and safe form of hair reduction and less painful than waxing! aesthetica's VPL hair reduction service can dramatically reduce the density and regrowth of hair and, to ensure your complete comfort we include complimentary pampering components with every VPL hair reduction treatment ...leaving you hair free, smooth and totally comfortable.

Please shave before your treatment

Brief session/ small area clearance       65

Medium Area                                              115

Large Area                                                  165

Xtra Large Area                                          330

All treatable areas can be priced according to the size of the area, for example

Underarm                                                     65 

Basic Bikini                                                  65 

G-String                                                        115 

Brazilian & Complete                                 115 -165

Male Beard                                                   115

Lower Legs                                                   330

Your technician will provide an accurate quote during consultation