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The skin from a holistic perspective

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The skin is the largest organ in the body and for this organ to work at its optimal level it needs to work in conjunction or be dependent upon other vital organs in the body. Therefore treating the skin as a separate unit may improve your skin conditions temporary but fail to treat the cause of the problem which may stem from inside of the body. The aging in the skin we see is linked to biological factors not so much the chronological factors as the multibillion dollar beauty industry would like us to believe. Therefore beautiful skin can be achieved regardless of your age with optimal diet, lifestyle and product choices.

So what can we do to achieve luminous and healthy skin? Well, chronic skin issues such as premature aging, acne, dermatitis and rosacea have recently been linked to chronic inflammation. To make significant improvements in tone and texture of the skin one may attempt to soothe the inflammation by neutralizing free radicals and boosting the immune function through good nutrition, supplements, hormonal balance, detoxification, and topical support. So what are Free radicals and Anti-oxidants? And how can we use them in our skin care regime? Well,

Free radicals

Free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules missing a single electron from their outer orbit. Free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells, wounding the cells and setting off a complicated inflammatory response. Some free radicals arise normally during metabolism and others are due to environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, herbicides and also from the food we eat. Free radicals speed up the aging process and contribute to the breakdown of collagen.

So how do we combat these free radicals?

With the help of Anti-oxidants – Anti oxidants act as free radical scavengers preventing and repairing the damage done by free radicals. Anti-oxidants are found mostly in fruit and vegetables. High amounts of anti-oxidants are found in goji berries, wild blueberries, dark chocolate, pecans, artichokes, elderberries, kidney beans, cranberries, blackberries and coriander. Refer also to the image to the left for a list of foods and their anti-oxidant rich properties. So, what we can establish from this is that the skins health is dependent upon the amount of free radical damage that is occurring, the amount of protection that the body is able to provide and how quickly the body can repair. Eating the right food combined with adequate physical activity and good mental health will help to protect your body from cell damage.



Winter Skin

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Get Rid of your winter skin and get your summer glow back!

The temperatures outside have definitely dropped...but it doesn't mean your skincare regime should suffer with this cold.

As winter appears and the heating is being turned up and up to keep us warm, we often dry out our beautiful skin.

For some clients winter can exacerbate dermatitis and psoriasis so today I am going to give some tips to beat the winter blues ......

1EXFOLIATE:.Always remember to incorporate an exfoliation in your weekly skincare regime. It is important to remove the dead skin cells

off to allow for better product penetration while also smoothing the surface and giving an even and smooth texture.

2.HYDRATION: Often I find my clients need for a moisturiser changes in the winter, use a moisturiser with a humectant  which is an ingredient which draws moisture to skin.

e.g glycerine lanoline can significant boost the skins hydration level. The addition of moisturising tonics and serums are both available in the Beaute Pacific and Environ ranges and can help with better product penetration which will in turn further raise the moisture level of the skin.

3.SUNSCREEN: Even though it may look like the sun is not going to cause any damage in the winter , UV rays are always around us - winter through to summer and they can cause premature ageing.....get the sunblock on!!

4.WATER.We can add moisture topically onto our skin but we also need to look after ourselfves from the inside out.  Increasing our hydration levels through drinking water and high hydration fluids such as cocnut water will help boost hydration levels.

5.FACIAL THERAPY: For flawless skin I recommend highly to book in for a facial. Your therapist has the experience, techniques, products and machinery that you just don't have at home . Here at aesthetica we personalise each facial to the clients needs . Book in for a Full Service or Deluxe Facial and melt away your worries in the hands of the professional therapist.

Banish  the winter blues and get that summer glow back.

Michelle Killeen.



Shampoo Addiction

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Blog 6/8/14

Shampoo addiction


As the weather changes with the seasons, our hair suffers from a variety of common, easily fixed conditions.

Think of your hair stylist as the hair pharmacist!

Just as your doctor will adjust medications and try new things, so the hair stylist will prescribe new products for different hair issues.

Gone are the days where there were few product options.

Stylists very carefully choose product ranges for the salon to meet the demands of there guests.

There are many combinations of products and each prescription is personalised for your individual requirements.

It is important to invest in your hair health as your colour will last longer and common problems with hair and scalp can be fixed.

Many guests believe there hair and scalp problems cannot be overcome as they have always had that type of hair. Technology constantly changes and products have significantly improved over the years, so if your addicted to the same products have a chat with Leith or myself and we would love too personalise a new regime just for you!

Happy shampooing

Love Kate.:D


In search of the perfect Facial

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In search of the perfect Facial...

Every place I visit I endeavour to find the "perfect facial" and last weekend I found myself in a gorgeous laneway spa in Melbourne anticipating a top shelf Facial Treatment from an experienced therapist using a range I had sought out specifically.  I thought if the technique wasnt so good then at least the effects of the products would be worth paying for!

Well, the facial was at best highly relaxing with careful application of serums, creams, a mini peeling solutions and fine oils. Quite enjoyable, a little standardised and non personal but it was the attention to detail and the customised approach that we advocate at aesthetica that I missed.

From a soft and supportive bed, to a thorough  examination of the facial skin, to the mood of the client and the match between her concerns and what the therapist judges as necessary to improve the skin is essential.  We take the time to clarify our treatments, to choose or change products once the skin has been viewed and most importantly to provide a calm paced treatment that blends serious skin care with a  ritualistic approach more common to the day spa.

If you have never visited us or have only visited us for other services and not a Facial Treatment then come and enjoy a full Service or Deluxe Treatment with Senior Therapists Tali or Michelle and let us indulge you with a one hour full body massage to start the journey.

After 30+years of practising the timeless Facial, I believe we have harnessed the techniques and methods to acheive an excellent standard in this service... come and try!


Smoothing treatment by Kate

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Have a look at the Before and After of this Smoothing treatment by Kate:


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Lycogel’s unique technology combines a breathable Triple Silica Base with a balanced set of bio-active agents that synergistically improve the skin.

So What Is It?

It’s a breathable camouflage and concealer with anti-inflammatory and skin regenerative properties. So, in a nut shell, it can be used as a foundation that actually moisturises, promotes skin repair, restores firmness and elasticity whilst reducing swelling and redness and providing a SPF 30 sunscreen.

It can be used on the most sensitive of skins as it has been designed for use on post laser, post cosmetic surgery, post dermal needling etc and it acts as a second skin.

Try a new, innovative way to use a foundation and treat your skin at the same time. It’s very easy to apply and a small amount spreads a long way.

Lycogel is available in 10 shades, so next time you’re in the salon, ask one of our specialists to colour match your skin.

Blog by Rena

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Time flies when you’re having fun!!! I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since I started as the receptionist with the lovely team at aesthetica. I’ve seen a lot of changes and growth with this business during my time here and it’s been fun and exciting, but one thing that has stayed the same is the warm and friendly clients that we have coming through our doors.

I get to speak with so many different people and hear lots of interesting stories of their lives. We spend most of our time at work, so for me it’s not a chore; it’s always a different day and a different story.

So, when driving past us along Cav road or if you’re in the area of our lovely Coorparoo salon, come in and make an appointment and HAVE A CHAT....